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Peter Coxon

Peter founded OPT leadership after many years as a consultant psychologist, creating a company that helps to develop the synergies of the ‘soft’ humanistic side of business, with the ‘hard’ business delivery demanded by today's competitive world.


Peter majors on the personal skills of managing ourselves and leading and influencing others in order to bring about the personal and organisational development that delivers exceptional results. He is known for his coaching and facilitation skills when helping develop executives, senior leaders and high performance teams.


Peter has designed and run a wide range of management, leadership and team development programmes and coaches senior executives in SME and global businesses.


Leigh Jones

Leigh supports and develops a sustained organisational performance approach for clients in a constantly changing environment, delivering high quality operational and strategic management and leadership within a multitude of settings including Higher Education, Health Care, and Charity ensuring the involvement of their people. 


Working with senior leaders who are experts in areas ranging from Arts and Business through to Science and Engineering, developing leadership capacity and capability at all levels, she delivers workforce plans, succession plans, policies and practice, supporting the strategic goals of organisations.


With knowledge and experience of human resources and OD interventions such as recruitment, retention, performance management and learning and development, Leigh has a strong focus on engagement of the workforce and the importance of health and wellbeing and equality, diversity and inclusion in developing organisational culture, with experience of leading on EDI initiatives, creating health and wellbeing strategies and steering groups to influence change and provide support to people within organisations using a holistic approach, weaving wellbeing through all elements of an organisation.



Michael Benson

michael benson.png

Michael Benson has a passion and expertise in the creation and delivery of Safety Leadership Programmes that make a real and sustained improvement to the safety performance in the workplace. An experienced pilot, Michael works in the aviation
sector, delivering safety programmes to highly trained pilots and support staff, the shipping industry and worldwide across the oil and gas sector.

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