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Organisation Development 

Given the constantly changing environment organisations are operating in, whether macro (where organisations have very little control over any changes), micro (where customers and competitors influence change) or internally (where people start and leave, cultures evolve, and leadership agendas change), it would not make sense for an organisation to expect the practices that used to perform well, to continue to work
as well as they did before any changes. Adjustments are needed to maximise impact and ensure organisations achieve their goals and Organisational Development (OD) can direct and influence these adjustments, supporting growth and development of business.


Organisational Development includes elements like organisational culture, values and development and capability, ensuring a broad approach to understanding them and how they influence behaviour and performance and can transform an organisation. OD is a planned method of sustaining organisational performance through an organisations people, always focused on the customer and employee experience.

The world of OD is complex and ever changing and can include:

  • Change Management and agility

  • Learning and development

  • Performance management

  • Career pathways and succession planning

  • Reward and Recognition


And even more so now following the pandemic:

  • Leadership development

  • Wellbeing – physical, mental and financial

  • Relationship development

  • Culture and values and behaviours

This programme gives leaders and managers an opportunity to step back and think in depth about the drivers that enable safe working and to better understand how these work in practice. It will also consider the human factors at work that can both help and hinder the development of a practical and workable safety culture that at the very minimum meets statutory requirements and in most cases exceeds them. By the end of the programme you will better understand the ‘safety health’ of your company, why human factors are so important, and have a workable realistic plan of what to do next.

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