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Forward Thinking

Forward Thinking is a unique journal that draws on fascinating and heart warming research into wellbeing, happiness and fulfilment to promote a positive view on life.

Forward Thinking offers a year of weekly suggested mindful activities punctuated by motivational quotes to help people thrive and flourish, living the life they wish to lead and be in their element.

Featuring original artwork Forward Thinking is designed to enhance and improve wellbeing, happiness and fulfilment in 6 key areas:

  • Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

  • Job Satisfaction

  • Community

  • Finances

  • Personal Activities

  • Relationships


Dear Future Me

We spend more time planning our shopping or our holidays than we do our lives... This journal gives you the chance to write your own book... reflect on your life... continue to learn about and develop yourself... write down your dreams and goals... plan something of your life... strengthen your relationships.

Team Excellence

A story of a dream that became reality and in turn has spawned more dreams. Childhood games and fantasies and early family experiences fostered a passion for the water from boating ponds to rivers, seas and oceans. This is a true story of how one early dream evolved and was turned eventually into a set of considered practical plans and then a real life experience. It covers some of the practicalities and insights of a group of people with different experience and personalities who worked and sailed together for over 4000 miles in total. It looks at the mission and vision and considers the leadership and team work that everyone needed to demonstrate in order to ensure a safe, happy and successful journey, a virginal ocean crossing.

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