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Safe Culture

Leading companies ensure that their employees' hearts and minds are fully committed to the development and performance of the business together with the safe working of their colleagues and themselves. Understanding and developing the underlying safety culture of the business enables leaders to properly assess safety performance and risks, take appropriate action and most importantly gain the commitment of those working in the business to safe working at all times. Ensuring safe working also enhances the bottom line.


How can 'Developing a Safe Culture' help my company?

This programme gives leaders and managers an opportunity to step back and think in depth about the drivers that enable safe working and to better understand how these work in practice. It will also consider the human factors at work that can both help and hinder the development of a practical and workable safety culture that at the very minimum meets statutory requirements and in most cases exceeds them. By the end of the programme you will better understand the ‘safety health’ of your company, why human factors are so important, and have a workable realistic plan of what to do next.


What happens during an OPT Leadership Safety Programme?

The programmes are usually split into three main sections;

  • An evaluation using an established framework of the current safety culture of your organisation. This will reveal both the helpful and unhelpful drivers at work in your organisation. This is an honest, rigorous process that details explicitly what is working well and what is not.

  • A review of how human factors can have a massive impact on safety performance. Case studies will be used from different industries who have learned by brutal experience what a force (for good or ill) human factors can be.

  • Work on a practical plan (made in the light of what you have found out) that can be executed in your organisation and that will make a real and measurable difference to your organisation's safety performance.


Some parts of the programme will be taught, others will involve exercises in groups or case studies with time for individual reflection which is so important in understanding complex situations. We look to match the structure of the programme to meet your needs. We have extensive experience in working with companies all over the world, in countries with markedly differing cultures and legislative frameworks. Our wide experience and training also enables us to work very well with participants who do not have English as their first language.

If you are interested in our Safe Culture Course, get in touch!

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