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Executive Coaching

We believe that executive and leadership coaching should focus on the twin aspects of sustainable success:

• Urgent improvements to business results

• Long term, personal and professional leadership development

We provide:

• Executive coaching for organisational and personal improvement

• Senior Team coaching when seeking enhanced business results

• Performance related coaching for high flyers and faltering leaders

• Skills related coaching for senior and middle managers

• Integrated training in coaching skills with follow up ‘Watching the Game’ coaching to leaders as they work to coach and develop their team players, a process that yields particularly high returns on investment together with a healthy impact on the organisational culture

Our Coaching methodology seeks to understand your specific business and personal needs and provide the most appropriate coaching to meet these needs and build a good, trusting and confidential relationship with you. We work with you in a style that encourages you to increasingly take the lead in determining and implementing the necessary changes. We are your catalyst in the equation of business and personal development, inspiring motivation, energy and drive. We listen and engage, help you generate an organisational and/or personal vision, explore options for the way ahead and agree expectations in terms of behaviours, commitments and results. We believe in the human potential within organisations to achieve more than is thought possible.


We can provide insight and understanding into your personal business challenges, how people behave and interact together and how they can best learn and develop in order to tackle successfully their business and personal imperatives. We help individuals learn how to ‘do things better’ and then ‘do better things’ so that essential improvements in their business world do not come at too high a personal sacrifice but rather can be achieved with confidence and whilst striving for a healthy work / life balance.

The relationships we form tend to be long lasting and we frequently work with managers and leaders through different stages of their career and life.


Our work , like yours, is results focussed. We agree on criteria for success, what might be required jointly to manage such success and formal review, feedback and evaluation processes. We agree a clear ‘contract’ in terms of needs, roles and commitments, outcomes, benefits and time scales and how to provide you with the right combination of high support and high challenge.

We believe that as managers you bring the required technical skills for the job. We find that the answers invariably lie within the organisation and that the coaching process enables the time for improved thought and perspective that in turn enables clients to tackle the harder issues of leadership and management.

If you are interested in our Executive Coaching, get in touch!

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