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Team Excellence

Organisations are relying more and more on individuals and teams to innovate, take the initiative, solve problems and perform at levels never previously attained, or historically thought possible.


Individuals throughout are being encouraged to show leadership: to find their voice and step up to achieve ever rising standards. They need to be visionary and engage others in that vision. They need to seek opportunities for improvement, to experiment and take measured risks yet stay safe. They need to enable others to act, take on responsibilities and work collaboratively for the common good. They need to celebrate people’s achievements and appreciate extraordinary efforts made by colleagues whilst at the same time challenge the status quo and head for more stretching and distant destinations

So if that is the challenge then organisations need to address it with a passion! You need to grant your people the opportunities to first understand and then embrace it. There is no substitute for ‘time on the water’. Time to think, understand, learn and practise the skills required. Time to demonstrate extraordinary leadership and team excellence. Time on the water can provide a memorable and different way to learn and grow


Sailing is renowned and ideal for promoting these required traits. Everyone on board has to cooperate to sail the boat- effective skippering must be displayed and all the crew have key roles to play to ensure success and safety.

When we use sailing as an intensive learning environment we work with teams and individuals to stretch their capabilities and build high level independence and interdependence. All participants get the chance to put new ideas and skills into practice and gain honest, enriching feedback on their performance.

Our skippers, who are also qualified psychologists and yacht masters are natural team leaders and know intuitively and professionally what is needed for teams and leaders to succeed. This provides a fantastic opportunity to literally get away from all the office pressures and practise some ‘blue sky-blue sea thinking’.


Benefits and Skills developed can include:

  • Leadership development

  • Team building

  • Visioning away from the office

  • Motivation and engagement

  • Peer coaching

  • Problem solving

  • Decision making

  • Sharing and delegation

  • Enhancing Ccmmunication

  • Building a strong cooperative winning spirit

  • Enhanced self awareness

  • Self and team confidence

  • Response to fast changing environments

  • A sense of fun and adventure

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